Workshop Publication Requirements

Conference submissions will be published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings. In order for this to happen, the following requirements must be satisfied.

  1. ensure that the conference name, date, and place, and email addresses and ORCIDs of all authors are added to the footnote on the lower left of the first page. An example of how this should look can be found here. The copyright should read 2022 as well.

  2. All papers for ICBO 2022 need an accompanying signed Author Agreement to Publish a Contribution as Open-Access on prepared by the corresponding author. Please download the ICBO 2022 customized form here. Fill in the fields on the form, print it out, sign it in ink, then scan or photograph the form and send it to with a subject heading that reads "Author Agreement for submission [PAPER-ID]". Do NOT digitally sign the pdf, as will not accept it. allows an alternative method to provide a signature if you are unable to print the form, as shown here:

Please contact us if you have questions.