ICBO 2024 conference

General Information

The International Conference on Biological and Biomedical Ontology (ICBO) is a premier annual conference series that brings together researchers, students and professionals involved in the development and application of ontologies in all areas of biology, medicine, diseases, human health, genome biology, environment, biomes, nutrition, food, plants, agriculture and others. Together, they address issues pertaining to coordinated development of ontological resources, data standards, as well as the optimal use of ontologies in applications.

The focus of the ICBO 2024 conference is Unifying Biological Knowledge: From Molecules to Ecosystems.

ICBO 2024 will be colocated with the 14th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS).

Important Dates

ICBO Conference Proceeding Publication Requirements

All conference submissions accepted will be published in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings as part of the new IAOA series. An example from a past conference can be seen here.

In order for this to happen, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  1. All submissions should be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and should follow the CEUR-Template-1col.docx file, single column.
  2. The template in OverLeaf (LaTEx) version, is here.
  3. Ensure that the conference name, date, and place, and email addresses and ORCIDs of all authors are added to the footnote on the lower left of the first page.
  4. Note that the template (.docx version) provided in the link above already includes the standardized copyright footer for ICBO 2024 with the conference name, date, and place. You only need to fill in the EMAIL and ORCID information for each author.
  5. All papers for ICBO MUST have an accompanying signed Author Agreement to Publish a Contribution as Open-Access on CEUR-WS.org prepared by the corresponding author. Please download one of the ICBO 2024 customized form bellow:
    1. AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (NTP): Authors shall use this form if they included no copyrighted third party material in their paper text (or accompanying sources, datasets). This is the right variant in most cases.
    2. AUTHOR-AGREEMENT (TP): Authors shall use this form if they did include copyrighted third party material in their paper or accompanying material. They must then also attach a copy of the permission by the third party to use this material in the signed author agreement!
  6. Fill in the fields on the AUTHOR-AGREEMENT form, print it out, sign it in ink (by hand), then scan or photograph the form and both upload it on official administrative website and send it to: icbo-2024@googlegroups.com with a subject heading that reads "Author Agreement for submission PAPER [PAPER-ID]".
    • Do NOT digitally sign the pdf, as CEUR-WS.org will not accept it. CEUR-WS.org allows an alternative method to provide a signature if you are unable to print the form, as shown here: http://ceur-ws.org/agreement-paper1.jpg
  7. Update your camera-ready paper on official administrative website .

Workshops, Tutorials, and Demos

Call for Workshops, Tutorials, and Demos

Software demo

Please submit any software application using ontologies.

Workshops and Tutorials be part of the JOWO series

Workshops will be part of the JOWO series and all accepted workshops are listed here.

Tutorials will be part of ICBO and FOIS, see the call for tutorials.

Please reach out to asiyah.lin@axleinfo.com for enquiries regarding workshop, tutorials, and demos.

ICBO Conference Papers

We will accept research papers in these categories:

Topics of Interest

We are interested in all topics related to ontologies and knowledge representation in biomedicine, biology, and life sciences. Topics include but are not limited to:

Poster preparation guidelines

Papers presentations guidelines

Journal of Biomedical Semantics ICBO Thematic Series Option

Journal Track submission deadline: continuously

Program Committee ICBO 2024

Contact Information

Please direct all further questions to icbo-2024@googlegroups.com.