Accepted Workshops & Tutorials

Following ICBO 2023 conference proposals have been accepted.


  • BFO as a top-level ontology for information systems modeling
    Co-organizers: Mauricio B. Almeida and Jeanne L. Emygdio
  • OBO Foundry Tutorial: Introduction to workflows and best practices for ontology development
    Co-organizers: Nicole Vasilevsky, Nico Matentzoglu, and Tiago Lubiana.
  • Machine Learning with Ontologies
    Co-organizers: Maxat Kulmanov, Robert Hoehndorf, Sarah Alghamdi, Azza Althagafi, Sumyyah Toonsi, annd Fernando Zhapa-Camacho
  • Natural Language Processing Tutorial for Biomedical Text Mining
    Co-organizers: Senay Kafkas, Sumyyah Toonsi, and Sakhaa Alsaedi


  • FOHTI-23 (FAIR Ontology Harmonization and Trust Data Interoperability): Are ontologies really FAIR ? Exploring the challenges and opportunity for improvement
    Co-organizers: Anna Maria Masci and Asiyah Yu Lin
  • 12th Vaccine and Drug Ontology Studies (VDOS) 2023 Workshop
    Co-organizers: Junguk Hur, Cui Tao, and Yongqun "Oliver" He
  • The 7th International Cells in Experimental Life Science Workshop, CELLS 2023
    Co-organizers: Alexander D. Diehl and Yongqun "Oliver" He
  • Ontologies for Infectious and Immune-mediated Disease Data Science
    Co-organizers: Asiyah Yu Lin, Alexander Diehl, John Beverley, and Lindsay Cowell