The focus of our 2023 conference is "The role of Ontologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning".

Important dates:

  • Conference Dates: August 28th to September 1st (Monday-Friday)
  • Workshops/tutorials: August 28-30, 2023 (until noon of day 30)

  • Main conference: August 30 (afternoon) - September 01, 2023

  • Journal Track submission deadline: March 31st.
  • Workshops and Tutorials submission deadline: April 3 April 10, 2023. Notification May 3, 2023
  • Software demo submission deadline: June 15, 2023. Notification: June 29, 2023
  • ICBO Conference Papers and Abstracts deadline: May 31, 2023. Notification June 29, 2023

  • Workshops and tutorials take place on site in conjunction with ONTOBRAS 2023

Journal of Biomedical Semantics ICBO Thematic Series Option

Journal Track submission deadline: March 31st.

  • In partnership with the Journal of Biomedical Semantics, manuscripts submitted to the ICBO Thematic Series of this journal will be published immediately after acceptance and presented in the main ICBO conference following acceptance.
  • For this track, we suggest submission by March 31st at the latest for full consideration for the conference.
  • Later submission is possible, but the authors bear the risk that the review will not be available in time for conference presentation.
  • Journal track manuscripts are submitted directly to the Journal of Biomedical Semantics following the journal submission guidelines. Authors must select the ICBO thematic series during the submission process.

Call for Workshops, Tutorials and Demos

  • Workshops and Tutorials submission deadline April 3 April 10, 2023. Notification May 3, 2023.
  • Software demo submission deadline: June 15, 2023. Notification: June 29, 2023.
  • Submission link: - submission will use the Google Form

- Workshops and tutorials could be Half or Full day (3 and 6 hours respectively)


We are specifically looking for following topics for workshops:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Ontology aware machine learning or AI
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • Infectious and immune-mediated disease
  • FAIR ontology harmonization
  • Ontology Governance and Interoperability
  • Other topics are welcome


We are specifically looking for following topics for tutorials:

  • Introductory Domain Ontology Building (using top-level ontology) tutorial
  • Ontology Building with OBO Foundry tutorial
  • Ontology Governance and Interoperability
  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • Other topics are welcome

Software demo

Specifically looking for demos on ontology supported data curation, ontology supported semantic search UI/UX design.

  • 15-30 minute demos
  • Other topics are welcome

Call for ICBO Conference Papers and Abstracts

  • Full length papers (6-10 pages) due May 31, notification June 29.
  • Short papers up to 5 pages, due May 31, notification June 29.
  • Poster Abstracts: 1 page extended abstract format, with limited references, due May 31, rolling notification starting June 29.
  • Note: Posters session will be just in-person.
  • Submission link:

ISB Travel Award

The International Society for Biocuration (ISB) is offering a travel fellowship to ICBO in Brazil.

  • The travel award will help fund travel to Brazil for presenting a paper/poster relevant to the area of biocuration.
  • Travel award amount: up to 1500 CHF (Swiss Francs) (approximately $1600 USD or 1500 Euros).
  • Award for early career researchers (students and postdocs) with interest in the area of biocuration.
  • Type of presentation priority: 1) papers, 2) poster.
  • Recipients must acknowledge the travel award from ISB during the presentation.

Submission Format (Workshops, Tutorials, Papers and Abstracts)

All contributions to accepted workshops will be published open access in a joint CEUR proceedings volume, as part of the new IAOA series.

All submissions should be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and should follow the CEUR-ART template, single column. Microsoft Office Word, Open Office and LaTeX templates can be downloaded at

There is also an Overleaf Template available here:

Poster preparation guideline

  • Posters session will be just in-person.
  • Porters should be built in A0 paper size, vertically (portrait) orientation, paper or fabric material.
  • We will provide a template with details soon.

ICBO 2023 theme: The role of Ontologies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Areas of particular interest to ICBO 2023 include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Big data, data science, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, Digital twins
  • Graph database, knowledge graphs
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), computational linguistics, linguistic ontologies applied to text processing
  • Data integration, interoperability
  • Semantic Web: Modeling and Information retrieval ontology-based,Linked open data (LOD) applications
  • Knowledge organization, Conceptual Modeling
  • Biocuration
  • Domain ontologies (Health, Smart Cities, Government, Education and others)
  • Genetics, phenotypes, and diseases
  • COVID-19
  • Social determinants of health (SDOH)
  • Electronic health records
  • Industrial applications
  • Plant and agricultural applications
  • Climate change
  • Ontology for e-science, life sciences, e-business, multimedia and cultural heritage
  • Ontology Engineering: Methodologies, techniques and practices, composition, modularity, evaluation and validation, patterns and anti-patterns
  • Ontology governance
  • Ontologies and the FAIR data principles
  • Ontology tools: visualization, building, reasoning, evaluation, discovery of knowledge

Further inquiries

Please direct all further questions to icbo2023{at}